Aerial view large apartment building with a walkout roof done by Custom Crafts Roofing Kenosha County WI

Roofing Contractor Kenosha County

Custom Craft Roofing is your roofing contractor in Kenosha County and offers residential and commercial roofing applications. Choose from a variety of roofing systems that match your needs and budget. Custom Craft brings the skilled staff who are committed to quality and safety.

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Aerial view of a apartment building with a rubber flat roof done by Custom Crafts Roofing in Kenosha County WI

Commercial Roofing

Roofing contractor in Kenosha County for commercial applications, Custom Craft Roofing is your choice. One of the best performing flat roof applications is Duro-Last PVC Membrane. Pre-fabrication minimizes site-finished seams and every Duro-Last is inspected by the factory technician. Custom Craft Roofing also offers ballasted EPDM roofs and metal deck roofs. For walk-out decks, we offer Dec-Tec all-weather, non-slip exterior membranes.

Custom Craft Roofing has experience in many types of commercial roofing projects. Apartment buildings, churches, manufacturing facilities, hospitals, and business offices all require special attention to project details and client needs. We follow manufacturer-specified installation protocols by properly training our technicians and using safe work practices.

Residential Roofing

Roofing contractor in Kenosha County for residential applications with a variety of materials, Custom Craft Roofing is your choice. We offer asphalt roofing in standard three-tab, architectural, and designer roofing shingles in a variety of style and color options. We work with GAF or CertainTeed asphalt shingles and we install according to the manufacturer’s specifications to ensure that the warranty is valid and the roof life is as expected.

Custom Craft Roofing offers free estimates for homeowners who want to know if it’s time to replace a roof or who have concerns about weather damage. We tell you the truth about what your roof needs to keep your home safe and dry. We do it right by replacing old shingles and checking the sheathing for integrity. Our clients know that we work safely and respect your property.

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